Compression Spring

Oil Tempered Wire

compression_springs The KHODIYAR SPRING INDUSTRIS is one of the major Oil Tempered Spring Wire Supplier in India. We offer best quality tapering compression springs that is available in different diameters.


Thicker Oil Tempered Wire:

Use: For Suspension Spring of saloon, load-carrying vehicle and minicar, damping spring of custom motorcycle and other springs requiring high performance.

Material:55CrSi, SAE9254,SAE9254 V, 60Si2MnA, 60Si2Cr, 65Mn and etc.

Specification:0.6 to 16mm

Standard:GB/T18983; JISG3560; EN102702; ASTM A229/A229M; GB18983; JISG3561; En10270-2 Or agreement

Major Technical Index:

  • The Steel Wires have their grain size to be longer than grade 11 and have good anti-relaxation performance
  • The ratio of yield strength to tensile strength is larger than 0.9 and the fluctuation of its tensile strength of the same reel shall be less than 30MPa.
  • Non-metalic inclusion shall have their class to conform to the technical specification of clean steel.
  • the product has realized on-line eddy-current test. the defect is marked red and the surface quality is good.
  • The coil weight about 2t.
  • Grade-2000MPa oil tempered spring wire for suspension spring can be produced.