Rubber Deflashing Machine

Rubber Deflashing Machine
1.Imported PLC system with preset program to control spin time & speed for diffrent rubber parts.
Deflashing process is smoothly connected to separating process without stop.Noise will be absorbed.
2.Save electricity with power consumption below 4kw/h. Deflashed rubber part is without distortion,
damage, or stain.
3. High efficiency to compare with 50 labors.
4. Automatic lubricant spray to prevent rubber parts from wear abrasion during deflashing.
5. Changable automatic mode or manual mode.
6. Embeded sensor to prevent hard cut when work compartment is closed
1.Two stainless stell screen plates separate 3 work layers. The first layer leaves bigger waste. The 2nd Layer leaves fine rubber parts.
The 3rd layer leaves smaller waste. Work speed is adjusable.
2.Easy operation with only 2 minutes to change screen plates
3.Easy structure to adjust different size rubber plates.
4.together work with deflasher to have smooth production line.
Dimension: L/850*W/400*H/1mm
Hole Size: 3~50 mm
Use: Double screening
With aerodynamic & centrifugal force principle, rubber deflasher spin & trembles to get rid of waste molded rubber sheets. applied material include Rubber, Si Rubber, NBR, Fluoro Rubber etc.. Applied shape include O-ring Y-ring, plug,grain,gasket,solid irregular shaped parts with 3~150 mm,etc. Moulded sheet cut edge thickness should <=0.3 mm. Rubber deflashing machine can do hands separable parts,while cannot do hands inseparable parts, neither parts wrapped with metal. The deflashing effect is than manual work.

Load: 35L or 3~5kg