wave_spring_washer.jpgWe manufacture all types of wave spring washers as per DIN 137 & DIN 6904. The prime quality of raw materials like spring steel, stainless steel and copper are used for the washers manufacturing. The washers are designed to compensate the spring force. The washers maintain a load or take up the shock. The washers are specially designed to deflect the load and acts like a spring. It provides a preload between the two surfaces.

The spring rate is proportional to the number of waves raised to the fourth power. The number of waves can be two, three or more.

Wave spring washers are very useful for limited radial space and moderate thrust load e.g. axial loading of ball bearing. They are used as cushion spacers between parts on shafts. They are also used to take up the probable deviation in assembled parts. its arranged underneath a nut, an axel bearing or a joint to reduce friction. Its very useful to avoid leakage, isolate, stop loosening or distribute pressure. Khodiyar springs have ready stock of all sizes and types. Torsion springs, helical springs resist the rotationally applied force. It stores and releases the angular energy.